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Hall Green Child Contact Centre

Each year in the UK some 500,000 children experience the break-up of their parents relationship with one parent leaving the family home, surprisingly 25% of these mothers.  Thankfully most parents in this situation do make sensible arrangements for the child(ren) to continue to have contact with the absent parent, but about 100,000 children require support.  This is essential for a child’s emotional development as children without the love and support of both parents can lag behind in education, get into trouble and frequently become teenage parents.

Hall Green Child Contact Centre exists to support families going through this situation and since the autumn of 2011 has provided support to over 300 families.  We charge no fees and can receive referrals direct from parents or other relatives.

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Hall Green Child Contact Centre
93b School Road
Hall Green
B28 8JQ

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Tel: 0121 777 9873
Fax: 0121 222 6583