Fly tipping in residential areas!!

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There seems to be a developing pattern in Hall Green of fly tipping in residential areas. It was bad enough when it was being done down by the Ford and in the River Cole. But to dump in a street where people have to live is beyond unbelievable!! On a walk last week,we found this mess at the corner of Sarehole Road and Stratford Road. It is absolutely disgusting that people tip bags especially under a notice that says “No dumping’. A group of women we met there and who live in the area were outraged at the sight of it. Hopefully it will be removed soon but this is not the job of the Council. People should not be dumping illegally.

Then today we came across this dumped at the top of Burnaston Road. On further investigation, a recent bank statement was found in one of the bags with a name and address on and it was not from B28. This will be passed to the Authorities. Be warned – there are very heavy fines for dumping litter.

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