Keep a watchful eye on Hall Green Community Library




Reading the consultation, you might think that Hall Green Library is safe from any cuts. It is in Tier 1 and will open for 35 hours a week. What you are not being told is that the number of librarians is being reduced to three. The librarians can not cope with the numbers who use the library now. If a member of staff is sacked, then the service we have from Hall Green library will be in crisis. Please get involved in the consultation campaign. This library provides a fantastic resource for our children and our community. Already events for children are over subscribed and the librarians are having to spend their own money in providing resources for these events. It is an outrage so please get behind our campaign to save Hall Green library. Hall Green Library is the ONLY community building asset run by the council that Hall Green has. We have been fighting for this library for several years now and need to have a final push to save it as if its allowed to deteriorate through a series of cuts and neglect, it will be easier for the Council to close it altogether. We also support all other community libraries facing the same pressure and are appalled at the decision to close Aston and Sutton Coldfield libraries. Those communities need our support as well. You can read about the consultation here http://birminghamnewsroom.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/44-67_LibraryConsultationDocument_FINAL.pdf. You can also lobby your local councillors.

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