News from Hall Green!! Update on Co-op and Boundary Commission changes

Firstly the Co-op. Unfortunately, we have received information from the Co-op that the decision not to renew the lease on the Co-op is final.

This is extremely sad news both for the Co-op staff and their families and for the customers who really appreciated the staff’s friendly and welcoming manner.

They have known for a year that it probably would not be renewed as the freeholders of the property were putting the rent up and it was no longer commercially viable. so they say.  However, they chose not to share that information with us or, more importantly, the staff until April 11th. We have written back to the Co-op and the freeholders expressing the dismay of many residents in Hall Green. You can see the letter to the Co-op here.Letterto coop 2

Better news however on the Boundary changes. The Local Government Boundary Commission reported last week that they had had 2000 responses and so are now extending the consultation, starting on May 10th. There new proposals will be posted on the website then. You can read what they have to say here and also all the submissions that were made.



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