Co-op opposite Hall Green parade – Planned closure


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The Co-operative Society are planning to close our large Co-op store on the corner of Stratford Road and Greenback Avenue on May 21st. The staff were only told on the evening of Monday 11th April and 37 staff could lose their jobs. Added to that it means that the community, particularly the elderly community, will have to walk further to do their shopping and Hall Green will lose one of the few shops where residents can meet their neighbours. It will also mean a big blow to Hall Green parade.

Why is our Co-op being closed down? It isn’t seemingly because it isn’t profitable enough. The decision seems to have been made because of a relatively new policy of the Co-op to close down their bigger shops in favour of smaller express shops. They have made this decision without consulting the community and the idea of losing the Co-op, the jobs and the short time frame has come as a big shock to all of us.

If you want the Co-op to reconsider this closure, there is a public meeting outside the Co-op at 12.30 pm on Saturday 16th April and there will be a petition there for you to sign. Please look at these links to documents telling you what else you can do.

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