Lloyds Bank to close in Hall Green Parade!!

Today I received a letter from the manager of Lloyds Bank saying that the Hall Green branch is to close on 8.6.16.

I believe there is no other bank inside the Hall Green Ward.

It is suggested that I can visit Acocks Green or Solihull.

I fins this very worrying. Communities are built around institutions like banks , churches , schools , post offices , doctors surgeries & the Library. We are becoming more atomised by the changes that seemingly we have no control over.

Well I think we should consider what we want as a community & fight for it. I hope you will join with me in writing to Lloyds Bank & asking them to reconsider. You may say this is fruitless & a waste of time. Well if we don’t tell people what we think they will just do as they wish. Lloyds , founded in Birmingham , has a long & honourable place in banking in this city. We should not just stand by & let it happen. This is also a human tragedy for the many employees lost .

Time for Hall Green to show what it thinks I believe. This the last bank ( I believe ) & we really could do without another takeaway outlet. Steve Gove-Humphries

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