Great turnout for Hall Green community at Boundary Changes meeting


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Last night, at Hall Green United Community church, over 350 people turned out on a wet and windy evening to express their concern and anger over the proposed boundary changes to Hall Green. The majority were of the view that we did not want boundary changes imposed on us and ir was felt that the Boundary Commission had not consulted widely or fairly. Concern was expressed about the splitting of the Hall Green community which is an example of a very diverse and cohesive community. One of the Boundary Commission’s main objectives with the new proposals is to reflect community identity. The meeting felt overwhelmingly that the proposed changes split the area apart. It seems the Boundary Commission are more concerned with equalising the number of electors each councillor represents than promoting community cohesion. In other words, they are putting numbers before people.

All three Labour councillors attended the meeting and gave their input as did ex councillors Paula Smith and Bob Harvey. The Rev. Colin McIlwaine welcomed everyone to the church. There were many excellent inputs from speakers from the floor. Thank you all for attending and for your input.

If you are concerned about this issue and wish to make your feelings known to the boundary commission, here is how to do it:

If you have internet access, you can find the consultation webpage (including interactive map) here: http://www.lgbce.org.uk/current-reviews/west-midlands/west-midlands/birmingham

If you would prefer to write a letter, please send your views to the following address:

The Review Officer (Birmingham)
Local Government Boundary Commission for England
14th Floor Milbank Tower, Milbank

There is a change.org petition to be signed specifically about the Hall Green boundary changes: http://chn.ge/1T1517z

There is also a change.org petition to be signed on Birmingham Boundary Changes: http://chn.ge/1WqyRSJ

You can email reviews@lgbce.org.uk

Please see crib sheet to help with your response here: Responding to Boundary changes Hall Green



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